Online promotions are a vital part of having a website. Having a website alone does not complete your identity online. You must promote your website, make sure you ‘tune’ your website for best performance.

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Online promotion techniques

These are some of the online promotion strategies we offer.

1. Submitting websites to Search Engines

The first the foremost thing is to submit a finished website to search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex (Russia), Baidu (Chinese), Kvasir (Norwegian) etc.

2. Make website easy to use

Website to follow Google Webmaster guidelines. The website needs to be reworked centered on ‘Search Optimization’ so that search engines and online robots can easily read your website and understand. On site optimization like titles, descriptions, content. etc.

3. Thoroughly analyze website traffic

You must know who’s coming and who’s not. Implement proper analyzing tools on your website leads to good monitoring of website traffic. This is a vast subject and needs professional care.

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4. Website should connect on relevant social network platforms

Facebook for business, Twitter for business, LinkdIn for business, Google+ Local is where you get your business registered.

5. Online Marketing Campaign

Paid Google Advertising will initially boost your Search Optimization. We recommend you also go for paid advertising on facebook and twitter to reach very high number of audience at very low prices.

6. List your business in local directories

There nothing like listing your business in online directories in your locality.

7. Get connected with Google directly

You can get connected with google directly contact your webmaster!

8. Write a blog

If you’re a writer or know more about the industry and want to share your views with the world, do write a blog. This is fetch you a lot of recognition and traffic to your website.

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