We would always like to be less of rule making to facilitate maximum flexibility, however there are certain things beyond our capacity which we, the developer, and you the client, need to be aware of.

  1. Please give a clear written requirement of what you want on your website, only on carefully analyzing your requirement we can come up with what technology we can use to suite your needs.
  2. If we are giving stage by stage payment schedule, please try to stick to the payment according to the schedule as delaying it will put us in tight corners with our own bills and commitments.
  3. We will try our maximum to keep up with the scheduled time of delivery on each stage, however rigid promises on technology is not possible as each technology/ platform has its own goods and bads. We assume each client know these.
  4. We come across many customers who during the development phase suddenly want to quit the website development because the new business they intended to start did not work out, or the website is not immediately require so can put a hold for some time, and so many reasons BUT, they tell us that the “website is not looking good”, etc. to escape from being asked for payment.
  5. We can allow three updates during development and testing phase, beyond this will be chargeable according to the consumption of time for the updates.
  6. If you’re asking for a dynamic website please allow enough time for testing before actually launching your website to the public. Websites developed in php and other frameworks such as wordpress, drupal, etc., are similar to a software development – they all require time and sufficient testing. Please plan your launching date accordingly.
  7. Because of the volume of work we have we may not be always available on phone (especially mobile), and we will be unable to attend calls all the time. Customers are requested to contact us by email. Our primary mode of contact is email and no other. We are most of the time online so we will get in touch with you on email. Do not call repeatedly if we don’t attend, at least call after some time.